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Thursday 21 November 2013

Photobox App - Personalised Christmas photo gifts at the touch of a button

As you know, I'm a massive fan of online photo service, PhotoBox.  Photobox asked me to try out their new iOS App to see just how simple and quick they have now made it to order personalised photo gifts.

I've used the pre-existing Photobox app since it first came into existence to browse my photos and, on occasion, to link through the main Photobox website but the new free Photobox app, available on the Apple app store, is a big step forward and allows you to order prints and gifts without having to exit the app.

If you have a Photobox account (which is free and easy to set up) then the Photobox app makes a great viewer for photos you have stored online.  You can now integrate the app with other accounts such as your Facebook or Instagram account and you can link it to your photo stream on your iPhone or iPad.  This all means that you can view all of your photos in one place and order prints directly without having to faff about with uploading them onto a specific photo website.

I tried out some of the photo gifts as stocking fillers for friends and family this Christmas.  I bought this set of three keyrings for £5.15 made from a photo I took on holiday this August of my girls looking very cheeky indeed.  I think these are fab and I may well order more of them!

Using the same photo, I also ordered Lara a jigsaw (£9.99).  It was so easy to choose a photo and within two clicks the product was there in my basket ready to go!  Now the jigsaw has arrived, it looks like the pieces may be a little thin for Lara who still gets angry when jigsaw pieces don't snap instantly together but I think the number of pieces looks good.

I took the opportunity to order a couple of 'gifts' for myself too - I love having pictures of my girls on my desk at work and frequently like to update them.  I ordered a mousemat (£7.20) using my current favourite photo of Holly staring out to sea.  Ordering was really easy even though, for a mousemat, you normally have to crop your photo to fit - the Photobox app clearly showed me where the image would sit and walked me through the options of moving or resizing the image as I ordered it.  I'm really impressed with the overall result (although it does smell a bit rubbery still!).

Finally,  I tried out one of their ready-framed prints.  I always struggle to find frames the right size or style once I've ordered prints and end up paying much more than I had planned.  Until now, I'd felt reluctant to order a print with the frame included because I'm very fussy when it comes to frames but I felt it would be quicker and easier to order the pre-framed version of the photo I wanted for my desk.  In fact, I'm extremely happy with the frame size, style and quality and will definitely be opting for this in the future when I'm ordering gifts.

I found the new Photobox app to be one of the easiest and most intuitive apps I have used to date on my iPad.  I loved the fact that I was able to view my account and my past order status (although it did freak me out when I saw quite how many orders I had placed with Photobox... ah well, I do love photos!)
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