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Monday 25 November 2013

My Recipe for a Mellow Night In

The last couple of weeks have been anything but Mellow.  Mr. B fell ill suddenly and was diagnosed with viral meningitis which as left me looking after the girls who, quite honestly, have been on a whole new level of cheeky.  I'm exhausted and teetering on the edge of sanity.  Over the weekend I've really valued my nice, peaceful evenings.  My mellow time.

Figleaves asked me to put together a list of the top things I need to make the perfect mellow night in.  So here, it is, my recipe for mellowness.

1. Chocolates or Cakes

I know it is properly me-time when it is safe to bring out the chocolates or cakes.  If Lara and Holly  even so much as sniff a waft of chocolate they both go into meltdown.  I relish being able to enjoy sweet treats in peace and I love sharing a box of chocolates with Mr. B in front of the television.  This weekend we baked cakes (above) in the morning and the girls moaned and begged all day for them; I can't even put into words how relieved I felt to finally sit down in the evening and enjoy one of the cakes for myself.

2. Cuddles

All the best evenings involve cuddles.  Sofa cuddles with Mr. B and now, since our recent new arrival, sofa cuddles with Bella the cat.

3. Pyjamas

Once the girls are in bed I like to get changed and ready for bed myself.  At this time of year a pair of festive pyjamas are just the ticket for snuggling up with Mr. B.

4. Wine

My perfect night in definitely involves a bottle of wine.  Probably red.  Probably Argentine.  Me and a bottle of Malbec can settle down for a cosy night on the sofa... who needs Mr. B?

5. Strictly

Sad, but true.  At present a relaxing weekend evening is spent snuggled in front of Strictly Come Dancing and on a weekday it is Masterchef.

So those are the ingredients for my mellow night in - what makes your perfect night in?

Disclosure: This is a features post in association with Figleaves
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