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Saturday 30 November 2013

SnuffleBabe Vapour Rub Review

Over the past two or three days I have had plenty of need of my little pot of Snufflebabe Vapour Rub.  Poor old Holly has really been suffering with a stuffy nose and, having struggled myself earlier in the week I really know what she is going through.  It is nice to have a little trick like Snufflebabe up my sleeve when it comes to bedtimes to make it that little bit less stressful for her.
Snufflebabe Vapour Rub is a very gentle decongestant rub suitable for babies from 3 months old upwards.  A little tub of this gel-like rub costs around £2.50 and I would say, from the last three night's experience, that it is definitely worth every penny!  When I have put Holly to sleep with a little bit of Snufflebabe rubbed on her chest she has settled quickly, despite having had a yucky nose before bedtime. 
On the first night when I was woken up by her a couple of times in the night I didn't put any more on because I was too tired to go and find it but on the second night I was better prepared and had it ready so that when Holly woke up crying because she was struggling to breathe clearly I rubbed some more on and she settled easily.
Snufflebabe contains eucalyptus, menthol and thyme oils and when you place it onto your child's chest their body heat melts the ointment and releases the natural vapours which help to unblock the nose.  It is specifically designed for babies so that the level of the scent isn't too overwhelming but it is strong enough to work
The first few times I used it Holly gave me a look like "what on earth are you doing to me?" but she quickly learned that it was a good thing happening and tonight when I put her to bed she lifted up her pyjama top in anticipation with a big smile on her snot-covered face.
You can buy Snufflebabe in most supermarkets.
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