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Saturday 2 November 2013

Flamingos and Dominoes Childrens Clothing Review

It has been quite some time since either of my girls have added any new clothes to their wardrobes (I don't think school uniform counts, does it?) and I had really missed discovering new and exciting kids clothing labels which is why I was so excited to be approached by Flamingos and Dominoes to try out an item from their new babywear range.

Flamingos and Dominos is based in Altrincham near Manchester - their clothes are made and printed in the UK.  The range comprises bodysuits, t-shirts, long-sleeved tops, leggings and accessories for babies and children from 0-4 years old.

All of the clothes from Flamingos and Dominoes are unisex, their prints are coloured and designed to be suitable for both girls and boys which is perfect for us because, although Holly tends to be a lot more feminine than her big sister ever was, both me and Mr. B. are naturally drawn to unisex clothes.  The current range features just three different prints and I think they are all fab. 

Holly's long-sleeved top features a blue and red pony design.  It is made from really soft, super quality 100% cotton.  Around the neck, the top is shaped so that it is easy to take on and off.  I love this top - I always love it when we find an item of clothing that not only looks fabulous but which is practical enough that we all look forward to it coming out of the wash for next time.

I expect Flamingos and Dominoes to be a clothing name I see a lot more of in the future alongside some of my other favourite special children's clothing designers.

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