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Monday 23 December 2013

A Card for Father Christmas

This weekend Lara and Holly has a bit of a Christmas crafts-fest. The girls were making cards for Father Christmas to enter into the Furniture Choice Christmas Card Competition.

Lara used almost every piece of craft material available to her to make her masterpiece (on the left).  Her card features a self-portrait (complete with belly button... it is the details that matter), a pom-pom, lots of stickers made by her Grandma and a sprinkling of cut-out snowflakes that she stamped herself with a hole punch.  For reasons I can't quite explain, Lara's card also featuresd a lot of gold glitter glue, apparently in the shape of the letter G because Father Christmas will 'never believe' that she can write a 'g' in script?!?!

The card on the right is from Holly to Santa.  Holly loved using the glue stick for sticking on anything that came near her.  Lara felt it was very important that their names were written on the outside of the car as well as the inside so that Father Christmas and Rudolph would know who made each card... so Lara wrote her little sister's name on!

Tomorrow night the two cards for Father Christmas will sit on top of our side board along with our home-made personalised plate and all of the trimmings that will butter Santa up to convince him to leave the girls lots of wonderful Christmas presents.

You still have 24 hours to get your entry into the Furniture Choice Christmas card competition.  Merry Christmas everyone!

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