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Friday 27 December 2013

Infacare Ultra Mild Baby Bath Review

In recent months Holly has developed the same dry skin and mild ezcema on her arms that her older sister has suffered with since she was a baby.  This means we had started to avoid bubble bath at bath time once again.  Infacare asked us to try out their mild baby bath which has a new bottle design and a refreshing new fragrance that is gentle and mellow.

Infacare is pH balanced so shouldn't dry out skin, even for tiny little babies and it is recommended by midwives as suitable for very delicate baby skin.

Our Infacare bottle is a massive 750ml bottle which is a bargain at £2.99 from Boots and supermarkets.  We only needed to use a teeny tiny amount of the baby bath to fill our bath with bubbles (much to the girls delight) and I think this bottle will last us for AGES.

I found the scent to be very mild and, on a big full-sized bath I felt it was a little lost.  I would imagine that in a smaller baby bath that the floral scent would be perfect, it certainly does evoke memories of childhood and would make a tiny baby smell scrumptious and fresh!

I'm pleased with Infacare - both of my girls are still struggling with their eczema but I think that has a lot to do with the time of year (woolly jumpers and central heating don't do great things for sensitive skin) and the best I can do is to look for a bubble bath and baby shampoo that won't further irritate their skin - Infacare manages this well.  For me the best thing if the smile on Lara's face when she gets into a bath so full of bubbles because this has been a very unusual experience for her these past 4 years - most sensitive skin baby washes don't offer the same level of bubbles that Infacare does.  I would say that there are still a few ingredients in Infacare, such as the SLS responsible for all of those bubbles, that could irritate skin as it isn't an all-natural product but I think it is an affordable product that is certainly worth a try if your baby is prone to dry or irritated skin as there are different triggers for different babies.
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