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Tuesday 17 December 2013

Koo-di and PurFlo Ambassador


I'm pleased to announce that in 2014 I am going to be a brand ambassador for two baby brands, PurFlo and Koo-di so I will be sharing some of their news and giving my feedback on their brands through reviews and features.

Koo-di are a brand with very close alignment to the Mellow Mummy way of life.  Koo-di believes in designing products for busy parents to make their lives easier (and mellower).  Their bright and colourful designs combine with practical ideas for making parenthood less stressful and more fun!  In the coming weeks I will be reviewing some of their innovative bathtime products for babies, toddlers (and parents).

PurFlo create products to help give you peace of mind in a safe and healthy sleeping environment for your baby or child.  In the past I have heard about PurFlo's innovative washable SleepSurface which provides a healthier alternative to a traditional mattress.  PurFlo are passionate about providing sleep solutions that prevent common childhood conditions such as asthma and ezcema.  I'm looking forward to finding out more about the PurFlo brand.
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