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Wednesday 11 December 2013

TOMY Gacha Stocking Fillers Review

This year Lara and Holly have had their own special advent calendars filled with fun gifts every morning - these Gacha collectible toys from TOMY have made some wonderful additions to our advent calenders and will also make great stocking fillers.  The Gacha range features lots of family favourite characters such as Hello Kitty, Mickey and Minnie Mouse, Transformers, My Little Pony, Mario Bros. and Furby.

I love these little Gacha JakZ plug ins which are cute additions to anything you would normally plug headphones into - they give my phone a personal touch and make it easier to find in the bottom of my handbag.  Lara fancies one of the Furby Jakz for her Leappad.

Gacha toys come in several forms and often come in small individual packets so they make great little gifts or pocket money purchases.

Lara's favourite Gacha toy so far has been this packet which included a heart-shaped My Little Pony compact and a hear-shaped comb for brushing her My Little Pony's hair.  Small toy.  Big impact!

Holly's favourite of the Gacha toys was a pretty impressive one - in her sachet she received two large Hello Kitty hair bobbles AND a Hello Kitty bracelet.  She is a big Hello Kitty fan so this advent calendar surprise put a big smile on her face.

Look out for TOMY Gacha toys in vending machines and in sachets in Tesco for between £1 and £1.50.
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