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Monday 16 December 2013

Britax B-Motion 3 Review

Britax B-Motion 3
Britax B-Motion 3

The Britax B-Motion 3 is the latest addition to Britax's lightweight B-Motion series of strollers and as big fans we were given the chance to try out one of these new 3-wheeler strollers.  This was the first time that I had every tried a 3-wheel pushchair and I was astonished at how much of a difference it made to the fluidity of the movement and the freedom that it gave me even when just pootling around the local paths and footways!  I was most impressed at how easy it was to get up and down pavements (and over roots) when you have a single front wheel and a balanced rear suspension!

Britax B-Motion 3 from the side

The B-Motion 3 was phenomenally easy to put together - the three wheels simply clicked into place (and come out easily again should you need them to).  The straps are easy to adjust (although I found them very hard work when I needed to remove them in order to strap on my buggy footmuff the other day) and the 5 point harness is easy and convenient - Holly doesn't grumble when I'm trying to strap her in!

Britax B-Motion 3 from behind

My highlights of the Britax B-Motion 3 are:-

* The handlebar has a good range of height adjustment so both myself and my husband can tailor the handlebar to our own needs quickly.
* The storage space under the buggy is large and easy to get to.
* The foot brake is big and easy to put on and off.  What's more, I trust it (unlike some others I've tried!)
* The B-Motion is suitable from birth right upto 4 years old (17kg) and because of the nice spacious seat and the full back recline I really do believe this.  My older daughter is now 4.5 years old and sill quite happily still sit in this buggy!
* The handlebar has a small raised plastic part to make sure that if you are standing the folded pushchair up on its end, the foam on the handlebar doesn't scratch against the floor - genius!

Britax B-Motion 3 hood

I was very impressed with how easy it was to fold and unfold the B-Motion 3.  I find it a little tricky to ensure that the front wheel is laying flat when I fold it and place it in the car boot but to be honest, even if it isn't fully flat I find the B-Motion very compact in my car boot.

I remain to be convinced about the sun-visor / hood on the B-Motion which does come nice and low over your baby but which has an additional zip-open mesh panel to make it come down to its lowest point and I worry that the sun would get into Holly's eyes.  As it is, I don't think we'll be suffering for the sun much in the coming months and in fact we have now put on our gorgeous red and black buggy cosytoe onto the B-Motion 3; this works very well as the B-Motion has a lovely spacious seat which doesn't feel cramped with a footmuff in it.

Britax B-Motion 3 in car boot

The B-Motion 3 comes with a bumper bar, Britax infant car seat adapters and rain cover as standard.  The B-Motion 3 costs around £249.99 and is available from Mothercare and Kiddicare.
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