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Monday 9 December 2013

Woolly and Tig App Review - #WoollyApp

This week sees the launch of the new Woolly and Tig iOS app for ipad - news that got a resounding "yay" from both of my girls.  We have been testing out the Woolly and Tig app over the past few days and it has already become a favourite with Lara.

The Woolly and Tig app features 6 different games in which you have to help Woolly the spider do everyday things like brush his teeth, wash his face or jump in puddles.  In parent mode you can set a schedule so that your child receives a reminder to do these things on certain days at certain times (although I don't normally let Lara respond to notifications on my ipad... I'm more likely to arrange for her to sit down and play at specific times of day than let an app tell us).

When your child completes one of the games they receive an award to say that they completed it.  Lara enjoyed working her way through each of the games to earn her first reward.

Most of the games require your child to interact with Woolly through gestures on the screen and Woolly issues verbal instructions to explain what to do.  Ordinarily I find toddler and preschool apps like this to respond too easily to user interaction and require little accuracy but the Woolly and Tig app is the inverse.  The games require some quire precise finger gestures such as squeezing a tube or applying a brush to a small area of teeth.  I shall be honest, even I found some of the gestures difficult to get right and my 18 month old gave up quickly.  My 4 year old managed a lot better but did keep asking me for help.

Our current favourite game from the Woolly and Tig app right now is the Fun in the Snow game which requires you to roll balls of snow for a snowman (once again, a pretty tricky gesture for a young child) and then decorate it with your choice of accessories.

The Woolly and Tig app will be launches this week in the apple iTunes app store for £2.99.
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