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Sunday 22 December 2013

Born Free Twist'nPop Cup Review

Holly has always been a minx when it comes to drinking (ever since the first hours of her life!) and these days, now that she drinks independently from a cup, things are no different.  Holly demands independence but I simply can't trust her with any cup that has a free flow of liquid - this Twist'nPop cup from Born Free is perfect for her right now as it encourages independence but because it has a straw and a cover it reduces the chance of her pouring the contents all over my sofa.

The Born Free Twist 'n Pop is a large 14oz cup which can last a toddler quite some time.  It has a straw that reaches all the way down to the base of the cup and which has a flexible top to the straw which neatly folds away when you twist the lid closed; this means that when you quickly twist the lid, any chance of a dribble on your carpet or furniture is reduced and it means you can slip the cup into your changing bag to take with you.

Holly got on with the Twist'nPop instantly.  I find it a very good idea to give her a straw cup as it teaches the discipline of holding a cup upright (because the straw doesn't work when you aren't holding it in the water!) which I am sure will be a valuable lesson to learn on the way to drinking from an adult cup with no lid.

I found the Twist 'n Pop a very easy trainer cup to assemble and disassemble.  All of the pieces can go into the dishwasher on the top rack so I place the straw horizontally on the rack.

Holly does still occasionally tip her entire cup upside down and try to shake the water out but barely anything comes out.  I'm hoping that this Born Free trainer cup will be the way to turn her into a sensible drinker who I can trust with a cup of her own.
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