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Friday 13 December 2013

Snuggly Friend and Storybook Review - Thank you for being my friend

Holly has a new best friend - horse.  At 18 months, Holly isn't that imaginative when it comes to naming her soft toys.  Horse is a friend of BearBear!  Horse came as part of a snuggly friend and story book set from Parragon and Holly was instantly taken with the small soft toy even before she realised that Horse was the main character in a book.

The story book is called Thank you for being my friend.  Horse is in fact called Cleo and she is just a little bit afraid of the dark.  In the story book Cleo mkes friends with Daphne the little yellow duck who helps her to realise that lots of things look scarier in the dark than they really are and that things are more easily dealt with when you have a good friend.

I really liked this little hardback story book - it is a great one for reading to both of my girls (1.5 and 4.5 years old) at bedtime and, unlike many gift books, the picture book does actually have substance.

I thought that the combination of the soft toy to match the story book was a good idea but the horse shape and colour wasn't a good match for the pictures in the book and it isn't the best quality soft toy we have ever owned but Holly instantly bonded with it so she obviously liked it more than I did.  I think the book is likely to get a lot more use and will last us longer than the soft toy.
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