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Tuesday 10 December 2013

Baby Nose Clear Room Vapour and Vapour Rings Review

The past couple of weeks have been very snuffly and hard work for the Mellow family.  A series of colds of different types have swept through the household.  In the evenings I've been trying to get everyone mellow and ready for bed and one of the things that has helped is Baby Nose Clear Room Vapour from 4 Little 1.

Baby Nose Clear room vapour is a natural blend of essential oils that you add to a bowl of warm water and, as the water evapourates it spreads the calming, decongestant vapours through your baby's room.  I have used it in both Holly and Lara's rooms and I would say it was most successful in helping unblock a nose on my younger daughter than my elder one but inversely, the scent seems to have more of a calming effect on Lara.

I have even used Baby Nose Clear room vapour in my own bedroom in an essential oils oil burner with a few drops of water. Even if the scent isn't quite strong enough to unblock my own nose in the evening, I really like the scent and it helps me mellow out after a stressful day at work.

Baby Nose Clear Room Vapour is 100% natural so is a great way of helping a baby or toddler naturally through the symptoms of a cold - it combines pine oils, lemon oil and tea-tree which are all known for their healing, refreshing and restorative properties.

The 4 Little 1 Baby Nose Clear range also features new Vapour-rings which are thin decongestant rings that you place around the top of your baby's bottle as they feed to help release decongestant vapours and aid feeding.

I've tried the Vapour Rings on Holly's MAM trainer cup bottles with mixed results.  The rings come in a pack of three (which are claimed to last for upto 72 feeds) and you simply place them around the teat or spout of your bottle.  They fit most traditional wide-neck bottle brands.  I found them easy to fit and remove again when I needed to clean the bottle and spout.

I wasn't that convinced about the effect of the vapours on Holly though.  Holly is always a minx with drinking and especially so when she is feeling unwell; one of the common signs of a cold in a baby is a loss of appetite because it is hard to feed when your nose is blocked.  Holly seemed even more fussy when she was using her MAM cup with the Vapour ring on it and I put this down to the smell... if you are able to breathe at all then the scent would taint your taste, I even found it a bit weird to be sitting drinking my cup of tea next to her when I first opened the Vapour ring from its packet, I could smell it and 'taste' the air as I drank my tea.

The strength of the natural vapours reduces quite rapidly after opening though which makes the effect less after the first couple of uses.

I remain to be convinced on the Baby Nose Clear Vapour Ring and I think instead I would recommend clearing out your baby's nose before a feed perhaps using a nasal aspirator (or snot sucker as they are more popularly known!!!)
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