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Saturday 28 December 2013

Pur-Flo Sleep Sack Review

Just before Christmas, we were sent the PurFlo Sleepsac to try out - the timing was perfect.  This is a really spacious sleeping bag with plenty of room for a wiggly Holly and it arrived at a time when our house was particularly chilly and our daughter was particularly fidgety in her cot.

The PurFlo Sleepsac is a sleeping bag available in a number of different sizes from newborn right up to around 3 years old (110cm).  Holly tried out the 9-18 months size in a 2.5 tog weight which is good for a bedroom or nursery that is around 10-20 degrees at night time (it also comes in a 1.0 tog rating for warmer nights).  If your child suffers from chilly arms when they are asleep in a sleeping bag then you'll be pleased to know that the PurFlo Sleepsac comes with nifty detachable zip-on arms.

The Sleepsac zips up from the top, down the body in a diagonal line and then across the bottom of the feet.  It is by far the easiest sleeping bag I've used when it comes to getting Holly in and out of it.  There is a good level of protection around the base of the zip at the top so that it doesn't rub against her chin when she is asleep and the zips for the arms are well tucked away so she can't feel them.

The beauty of the PurFlo sleeping bag is that it designed to be both anti-allergenic and anti-bacterial.  The outer fabric is 100% cotton but the lining is 100% bamboo which has anti-bacterial properties and is far more absorbent than cotton in the event of an accident (or sweatiness!).  The filling is made from PurFlo's anti-allergenic Amicor which prevents build up of bacteria building up after several nights of use and dispels dust mites which are linked to both Asthma and Eczema.

The PurFlo Sleepsac comes in either plain colours or these gorgeous embroidered designs in a range of colours.  We love this neutral giraffe design as it literally could have been made for our nursery (which is painted in neutral colours and decorated with African animals!).  The embroidered SleepSac costs between £29.95 and £46.95 depending on size - I think they are worth every penny.


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