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Thursday 12 December 2013

Cooking with Kids :: Chicken and Mushroom Christmas Crackers

Christmas cookery with kids doesn't have to be all about cakes and sweets.  The new Kids Christmas Cookery App from Great British Chefs has some awesome festive recipes for cooking with children this Christmas such as these Chicken Christmas Crackers which are wrapped in filo pastry to look like festive crackers.

The Chicken Christmas Crackers recipe is one from Michelin-starred chef AlynWilliams and is one of a long list of tempting recipes on the Great British Chefs website which are designed for cooking with or for children.

The recipe is accessible online or through the new iOS app which makes it easy for me to follow when we are in the kitchen without having to plug in my computer on a kitchen work surface!  Our Chicken Christmas Crackers are made with chicken breast, mushrooms, broccoli, onion and creme fraiche all wrapped up in some sheets of filo pastry and brushed with a little butter to make them look all the more tempting.

The Great British Chefs website has easy to follow instructions for cooking them and points out several places in the recipe where it would work well to get your children to help out such as wrapping the crackers or basting them before cooking.

We served our festive Filo Chicken Crackers with salad and a little cranberry sauce (Great British Chefs recomends a paprika and chive sauce which sounds equally yummy.)
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